Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sazza the sucker

Down at the Human Farmsazzar the sucker could make you laugh, he didnt know this but he gaffooped his wind into a spa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

helped him out!

blog this blog that, blogger help, stick him up that jersey, got stuck he did, clicked on link and thank god it was ok, down at the farm a man got lost when he clicked a lost link, I got him back it was tough but we did it, I can HELP YOU.

In the muck

Down at the Human Farm
Carla the friendly one, got stuck in the muck, today, I had a bad one sitting in the bed, its all going wrong again, hope is on the horizon though, hope it comes through for me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh no not again!

Down at the Human Farm
Jason the cuddly has got himself tangled in some wurt batter he is in the shower getting it all off, bad jeff is not happy he has joined a poitical party but forgot his rainbow coat. ah well

Down at the Human Farm

Down at the Human Farm

Blogger: Down at the Human Farm :: Publish Status

Blogger: Down at the Human Farm :: Publish Status
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Lost survivor at the human farm

Dont want to tell you this but the silly man has not put his underpants on! crazy face has had an earache and baldy has just fell off his fence. These are just some of the comments from the human farm, where everyone is a little bit different, though they dont know that at all. Will keep you posted.

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